I have a coupon code, how to use that?

Coupon Codes are more used than gift cards. Coupon codes are mostly used on monthly discounts, that we advertise on social media. If you try to enter coupon code as a gift card, it simply doesn’t work, because it is a different thing.

What should I do with a coupon code?

When you order a subscription, or in rare cases rent a film, you are asked to enter your details. These instructions are for subscriptions, but rental discount instructions apply as well. First, choose your subscription period.

Page 1

Then you have to create an account, if you don’t have it yet:

Page 2

On the last page, you are asked to enter your payment details. On the right column, there is a place for coupon codes. If your coupon code covers 100% of the costs (which is common for discounts for one movie rental), you don’t need to enter your payment details.

Page 3

Remember to check the information at the bottom of the right column that you got the required discount. It is useful also to see how much you pay now and how much in the future if you are ordering a subscription with discounted prices.

Enjoy the films, and we would highly appreciate it if you post your opinions (hopefully positive) about the films on social media and tag us there.

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