We are about to start organizing so-called bar tours, which are public screenings of films. Tour is maybe a bit wrong word as we don’t travel every day to the next location. The bar is not always correct as well, but most of the events are held in the bar/pub.

Think about drinking beer (or other drinks) in the pub and watching a film on the big screen. Does this sound good? In movie theatres you usually cannot consume alcoholic beverages, however, their seats might be more comfortable.

Events are usually free, but we are hoping that audience pays some money as they wish/can. We suggest around 5-10 euro would be super nice and it helps to cover our fuel/train/flight tickets to the venue. And possible extra money goes to future indie film production and distribution. We aim to compensate for our carbon footprint to avoid setting this planet really on fire! However, the best support is to subscribe for at least several months and you can watch other great indie films too!

Our first tour is about to begin. This time we will show films from Helsinki/Vantaa-based Dark Planet Films. First, we show 2 short films, In the Drains of the Mind & Friday Gone Wrong. Then we have a short break and watch a nearly hour-length award-winning feature documentary film, Police Crimes.

Planet on Fire proudly presents Dark Planet Films pub tour:

Thursday 22.9.2022 at 22:00. Bar Taikurin Hattu, Helsinki (Kontula), Finland

Saturday 1.10.2022 at TBA. Ungdomshuset, Copenhagen, Denmark

Thursday 6.10.2022 at 20:00. Terassi Pub Yläkerta, Tampere (Pispala), Finland
Saturday 29.10.2022 at 18:00. Klub 007, Prague (Strahov), Czech
Saturday 19.11.2022. Tallinn, Estonia

More days are coming soon. Oh, if you run a venue that could host one event, please get in touch. Later on, we will have another tour with some other films.

More information about the films:

In the Drains of the Mind
Friday Gone Wrong
Police Crimes

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